What's worse than being voted off of Dancing With the Stars? Crying, making statements about loving your dance partner, and camera filming your fake TV fiancee's jealous bitchface for all of America to see.

Meet The Bachelor's Jake, who's probably being yelled at right now by his fiancee, Vienna. The pair met while on the show and Vienna has appeared supportive of all the hours her new beau's been spending with his dancing coach. Probably until now.

Here's the part of his goodbye speech where Jake gets emotional and reveals perhaps a bit more about his relationship with Chelsea than we were expecting.

The send-off dance which features a quick pan to Vienna:

And for your enjoyment, Vienna's "pissed off, jealous fiancee" face. Maybe we're reading into it too much, but this is the look of a girl who thought she'd actually won the heart of the bachelor. Ouch.