Today at Gawker.TV, Jessica Simpson's addicted to Nicorette without ever smoking before, The Bachelor Jake cries his way off of Dancing With the Stars, Courtney Love drops by The View, and Heidi Montag reveals her new face to her mother.

The Hills: A Face Not Even a Mother Could Love
Heidi Montag made headlines and drew criticism months ago when she underwent massive plastic surgery that severely altered her appearance. The premiere of the final season of The Hills saw Heidi coming home for the first time since her transformation.

Bachelor Jake Cries, Scorns Fiancee in Dancing With the Stars Exit
What's worse than being voted off of Dancing With the Stars? Crying, making statements about loving your dance partner, and camera filming your fake TV fiancee's jealous bitchface for all of America to see.

Even Jessica Simpson's Addictions are Stupid
Last night Jessica Simpson talked about her addiction to Nicorette gum. It wouldn't be so odd if she didn't admit next that she's never smoked a cigarette in her life. Her rationale? "It feels like a party in my mouth!"

Don't Call It a Comeback for Courtney Love
Maybe she didn't get the LL Cool J reference, but make no mistake, Courtney Love is a team player with a clatch. On The View she revealed band names she owns but chose "Hole" over.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown Forced to Listen to His Own Words
After being caught on mic complaining about a Rochdale voter he'd previously spoken to (he called her a "bigoted woman"), Prime Minister Gordon Brown was forced to listen to his own words while ironically, being filmed in Radio 2's studio.