Today we took a look at horrible stupid Ivanka Trump and her horrible stupid opinions, and y'all were mad! One commenter contained his/her rage, though, and thoughtfully laid out why she is, in fact, horrible and stupid.

From JC Hewitt:

Yeah, um, the government only continues to function because of the banking system. If you take out one, you take out the other.

Big government is the only thing preserving real estate values in NYC. There's so much unused land and vacant mis-zoned real estate here. Not to mention a fucked up transit system that causes many areas of the city to be undervalued.

Riddle me how a primitive society at the beginning of the 20th century was able to construct the entire subway system over a few years, while a supposedly more advanced one nearly 100 years later is having "trouble" maintaining a system reliant on ancient technology.

You have to be educated stupid to believe this is a natural system.

It's understandable why she'd be against the civil war between the government and the banks - if the backstops are removed from the commercial banks, the monetary juice inflating real estate as an asset class will drain out. As it has been in a piecemeal fashion.

Mark-to-market would rip the eyeballs out of politically connected mega-developers overnight. Especially those that rely on leverage (most of them). It'd be margin call time.

Real estate isn't productive. It looks impressive (to idiots and sheiks), but it's not something that produces wealth. Any increase in real estate prices (absent financial chicanery) is a function of increasing prosperity among the inhabitants.

A stroke of the pen and Ivanka will need to figure out something new to do with her life.

Only an Ivy graduate would be foolish enough to make these kinds of pseudo-arguments.

Not sure if that's right/wrong/whatever, but it sounds smart! Smarter than horrible, stupid Ivanka Trump, anyway.