True story: just last week, we wished upon a star that Meme Roth, terribly entertaining psycho anti-fat Food Nazi Mom, would do something new, just so we could resurrect her here. Last night she was on teevee, angry about food!

Meme, last seen busily turning her children into bulimics, was on the Bill O'Reilly show, debating some dude about toys in Happy Meals, and she got to call him an "ass," which is pretty much why she gets invited on these shows in the first place. (Related: Has Juan Williams completely morphed into a carnival barker now? Sad). She's consistent, though; she's already stated her firm belief that Ronald McDonald and His Cohorts are Pervy Child Predators.

It's been so long since we embraced your skeletal soul, Meme! What else has she been up to recently?

And uh, that's about it in the past year or two. Jesus, Meme, why so slothful? Crusading burns calories, you know. Might help you work off that little double chin.