Today at Gawker.TV, Good Day New York's Rosanno Scott says "jizzum" on-air, Sunset Daze's Gail is fantastic, the cast of Modern Family act as guest judges of Top Chef Masters, and Hulk Hogan loves women that look like his daughter.

Rosanna Scotto Has an Inappropriate Suggestion in Renaming "Soy Milk"
The National Milk Producers Federation is saying that milk should only be called "milk" when it is from a lactating mammal. Rosanna Scotto's suggestion of "soy jizzum" shows us she has a very dirty mind early in the morning...

Top Chef Masters Do 'Modern Family' Food
Experts on family because they play one on TV, the cast of Modern Family acted as food critics on Top Chef Masters to determine which chef does family fare best.

Joy Behar Discusses Family Relations with Hulk Hogan
Joy Behar insinuated that Hogan is into his own daughter by demonstrating her likeness compared to his ex-wife and his current fiance. Responding to Behar's claims that he "has a type," Hogan is baffled and says "well, that's my daughter."

Introducing Gail, Reality TV's Newest (and Probably Oldest) Star
Meet Gail, a 70+ senior living in Arizona's biggest retirement community, which is currently being captured on camera for's Sunset Daze. She's a show business-obsessed gal who's son Gary has been styling the same hairdo for her since 1966.

Stephen Colbert Profiles Freedom-Loving Vigilante Who Flips Off Cops
Last night on The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert profiled a "difference maker" who flips the bird at cops every time he sees them. Colbert then pointed out what the man has in common with some of America's other greatest assholes.