Pop science tries to prove a lot of things about the differences between the genders, and normally people just take whatever evidence supports their particular viewpoint the most.

This one, however, is irrefutable; Science has proven that women are awesome, and men are less so.

Mythbusters today took on pain tolerance, namely the 'myth' that women have a higher pain tolerance than men (although one could argue the myth has traditionally been the opposite). Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage test the myth by comparing the lengths of times that women and men, respectfully, can keep their arm in a bowl of ice cold water.

Women beat out the men, confirming the myth that they have a higher pain tolerance than men. This study would have been a little more interesting if they had compared times in mixed gender situations, to see what impact culture has on perception of pain, but maybe that is a little too much to expect from an hour long show that normally centers on explosions and rat urine (not that there is anything wrong with that).