Fringe's musical episode was a bit of a flop, Chuck fans plan a flash mob, Spencer Pratt's returning to reality TV, and tumblr's latest sensation: Phone Funeral.

Here's a first look at Rob Lowe interacting with Pawnee's Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation. Image via The Ausiello Files.

In TV News...

  • Spencer Pratt and Snooki's ex-boyfriend are teaming up for a new reality show called Fist Pumping For Love. Heaven help us all. [TV Watch]
  • Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse: The biggest cock-teases in TV History? [Warming Glow]
  • Last night's musical episode of Fringe was a bit of a flop, and these are the reasons why. [Movieline]
  • Chuck fans will stage a flash mob to support the renewal of the show. That's an interesting way to go about it, I guess. [The Live Feed]
  • Since Saturday Night Live isn't new this week, here' a list of the 10 greatest cast member crack-ups that were live. [Best Week Ever]
  • Here are five TV weddings that never actually happened. [TV Squad]
  • Jason Reitman interviews Community's Donald Glover. [Death + Taxes]
  • has a fun interview with Parks and Recreation's Nick Offerman. []

Around the Web...

  • Tumblr of the day: Where your cell phones go to die. [Phone Funeral]
  • The Sex and the City 2 poster is the latest Photoshop of Horrors. [Jezebel]
  • Got a decent amount of time to waste? How about a completely random video? [Random YouTube Video]
  • Learn a little bit more about Real Housewive Kelly Bensimon, including her favorite NYC hotspots and her favorite folks to follow on twitter. [Immaculate Fashion]
  • Pretty cool portraits of people lit only by the glowing light of the television screen. [Flavorwire]
  • Any plans to make an Anchorman 2 have apparently been completely squashed. [Hollywood News]
  • The post titled "You Know That Green Day Song You Kinda Liked From Five Years Ago? Here It Is For $100 And Gay" pretty much sums up my feelings about that Green Day broadway show, too. [Best Week Ever]