On tonight's 30 Rock, Will Forte played Jenna Maloney's cross dressing, Jenna impersonating new boyfriend, Jina Baloney. And for a generally awkward, goofy looking dude, his transition into lady-babe (or is the right word Shman?) wasn't awful.

After hearing that Jenna is dating a new guy, Liz is understandably concerned that he might be well, you know...crazy. She is comforted to find out that really he just wants to get into Jenna's panties, and stockings, and wigs and sing tribute songs in sticky gay bars, and actually that's all Jenna really wants too. Fortunately Will Forte totally has the gams to pull it off, and as it turns out cheap-weave blonde is a much better look for him then his SNL George W. attempt.

[30 Rock]