Gawker Stalker at a Glance

Every day, celebrities are sweating on the treadmill in your gyms, hogging tables in your restaurants, and shopping in your stores. This week in #stalker sightings: Jimmy Fallon, Susan Sarandon, Michael C. Hall, and LaToya Jackson.

  • LaToya Jackson in the Flatiron Building: "That's where the Macmillan offices are, so maybe she's writing a book?"
  • Mira Sorvino at Lincoln Center Barnes and Noble book signing for Peter Buffett's (Warren Buffett's son) book, Life Is What You Make It.
  • Jimmy Fallon just pulled up in a big black limo at New York Hospital.
  • Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter at Belcourt on Second Avenue and 4th Street: "They looked happy and healthy; I was just afraid Trinity was gonna appear."
  • Susan Sarandon looking good at the Union Square Greenmarket. Sans Ping-Pong Boy.
  • Tyra Banks at Tipsy Parson on Sunday in a crazy hat.
  • Diddy at 55th and Broadway. Overheard being silly and saying, "Thank you. I love you, Balloons." Who's Balloons?
  • Ian Somerhalder on Mercer between Grand and Broome doing a photo shoot — screaming like a banshee.
  • Hulk Hogan and his wife in the AXA Building.

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