Method Man is in the midst of a European tour. During his stop in Germany, his tour bus was robbed. Meth and his crew did what most logical people would: they went to the police station and reported the crime.

But apparently, Method Man is just too high-profile for the police to let them just drive away. Hours later the bus was pulled over by the same police officers, searched and interrogated. Of course the officers found pot, but on the side walk outside the bus; which is not definitive evidence. This first hand account, videoed by a 'Palestine', of Meth's crew, shows the high tensions and akward cultural barriers between the officers and Meth and his crew.

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The funniest part of the incident is how the crew acted. Throughout the video the videographer keeps reminding the German police that he went to law school for three years and that he'll put them on youtube (thankfully for us). How do you go from being one year away from graduating with a law degree to being in Method Man's crew? The 'Fuck The Police; mentality that the group had did not exactly help their case. The German police were being polite and professional. Watch part 2 for Method Man's take on the incident.

[via YouTube]