Hey everybody, this is Mary's friend Liam filling in this week. Let's get down to business, Walt-and-Jesse 2.0 (aka Neil)-style.

Last week, of course, Walt found himself just a flimsy, bullet-ventilated RV door away from getting busted by Hank. And thanks to an educated junkyard owner and Saul's long-suffering secretary, he and Jesse slipped away yet again, with the RV as the only casualty. (Rest In Cube, faithful wheeled domicile.)

But let's recap; in the cold open, a tribal policeman comes to a sticky, axe-murdery end thanks to one of the Twins, who have apparently commandeered a woman's house by killing her and redecorating, death shrine-style. It all, of course, begs the question that's on every viewer's mind: How many more of the show's innocent bystanders are gonna end up dead by the season's end?

Meanwhile, Walt may have signed off on the divorce, but he refuses to stop the flow of drug money/child support. Then, with a flourish of Heisenbergian nut-uppery, he buys a new place, drives his son to school, and shows up for the first day at Gus' three-million-dollar meth basement. We're introduced to Walt's new cooking partner Neil, the Whitman-quoting self-professed nerd. It's a match made in heaven, if heaven was a secret underground lair where drugs and perfect coffee are made.

Even if Badger doesn't respect Jesse's newly waxed floors. things are initially looking up for Walt's erstwhile partner. He's perfecting his cooking skills, slowly rebuilding his distribution network, and he even remembers to idiot proof the RV! After all, it's no good to get stranded in the desert again, at least not without Walt to go all MethGyver and jump-start the engine with science.

Of course, everything comes to a HOLYSHIT climax when Hank, who's been patiently surveilling Jesse/sucking down fast food, unintentionally tips Walt off about discovering the RV. Walt, in classic fashion, freaks out and gets as far as the junkyard before he's forced to hole up in his former lab with Jesse, who's led Hank right to them. And while our favorite DEA agent ultimately gets lured away, thinking his wife's been in a car wreck, and our loveable heroes slip out of yet another tight spot, we're left with Gus and the Twins facing off at sunset, and Gus giving up Hank to the twins in order to protect his investment.

Is Neil too good to be true? Will Skyler lash out at Hank yet again? Will Hank become super-paranoid and even more dangerous? Will the show continue to confound expectations and leave us guessing until the very last moment of the season finale? In what context will Jesse say "bitch" this week?