Today at Gawker.TV, Meredith Vieria lets a naughty word slip, Will Forte plays Jenna's new boyfriend—who happens to be a Jenna impersonator, Michael Scott gets a date through subtle suggestiveness, and Andre Leon Talley stops by Martha's kitchen.

Meredith Viera Says "Shit" On Air While Playing a Video Game
On The Today Show this morning, Meredith Vieira played a video game designed to show the dangers of driving while distracted. Among those dangers: cursing on air.

SNL's Will Forte Guest Stars on 30 Rock, Could Be Uglier
Will Forte played Jenna Maloney's cross-dressing, Jenna-impersonating new boyfriend, Jina Baloney. And for a generally awkward, goofy looking dude, his transition into lady-babe (or is the right word Shman?) wasn't awful.

Community Explores College Movie Cliches, Food Fights
Abed revealed a list of cliches from movies that he was determined to get through in his first year at community college. Troy signed up to help him through it, culminating in a fantastic food fight/80's movie-ending.

Dreckitude Abounds During Andre Leon Talley's Visit with Martha
Despite being Contributing Editor of Vogue, Andre Leon Talley shocked us all this morning by confusing the rich buttery bread Brioche with the Chignon, a french twist hairstyle. Zut alors!

Michael Scott Gets Girls with the Subtle Power of Suggestion
Michael was in full pickup mode on last night's Office, using a carefully crafted Powerpoint presentation to woo a potential client. As you can see, there's no more astute practitioner of subliminal messaging.