Since starting as Ron's assistant, April had managed to make her boss happy by halting all potential public interactions. Supplicants were scheduled for a day the secretary thought she'd invented through calender trickery. Unfortunately, that day is very real.

Staring straight into the gaping maw of the beast of bureaucracy, Ron outsources his work to anyone able in the municipal building. Friends' aid does little to calm the meeting-mad director, who unleashes his wrath on his formerly-perfect employee, causing a rift that risks ruining the delicate balance of the Parks Department.

Ron learns the error of his ways from the unwitting (or dimwitted) angel and object of April's side-eye, Andy. Worked into a contemplative frenzy from a sexually-charged shoeshine, Ron personally requests April's return.

With April essentially responsible for the only executive actions of the department, she has a new standing greater than her administrative assistant title. It's a subtle and unacknowledged promotion sealed only by the identities both boss and secretary have kept secret, shared now only in their society of equals.