Halle Berry Is Single, And Other Exciting News for Guys

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry split. Chelsea Handler has a sex tape. Johnny Weir and Evan Lysacek are at war. Lance Armstrong's unborn baby has a Twitter account. A topless bong pic causes controversy. Saturday's gossip roundup is making waves.

  • Halle Berry and her Canadian model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry are fini. Radar's source blames it on the age difference—Gabriel is 34; Halle is 43—and on Aubry's wandering eye: "Gabriel started noticing other women, and being attracted to others, and he felt it just wasn't right to stay with Halle in those circumstances." They'll get 50/50 custody of their daughter, Nahla Ariela Aubry. How cocky is this guy, getting with Halle Berry and then being like: "Yeah, she's Halle Berry... but what about all those women who aren't Halle Berry?" [Radar]

  • Sandra Bullock and Jesse James are selling their house. It's on the market for $5,995,000. So, if any of you are on the market for an Orange County mansion haunted by the ghost of Sandy and Jesse's dead love: now is the time to buy. [TMZ]

  • E! Comedienne Chelsea Handler has a sex tape, sort of. It's like this: There is some footage of her doing comedy, and then it cuts to a scene of Chelsea having sex—"her breasts are bare and swinging during the sex act"—and then it cuts back to her stand up. Radar's source said it was a demo tape that Chelsea sent out, and the sex part was supposed to be a joke. This is like that time that Jenna Jameson sent out a demo tape of her having sex and put twelve-minute stand up set in the middle as a joke. Except Jenna Jameson was good at the stand up. ZING? [Radar]

  • Parents: Never create a Twitter feed for you unborn child. Lance Armstrong's girlfriend, Anna Hansen announced her pregnancy with the Tweet: "Getting ?'s today about someone I'm following, a certain @Cincoarmstrong. What to say? Yet another blessing in our lives. I cannot wait!" This is worse than smoking while pregnant. [People]

  • Full House's Jodie Sweetin is also pregnant again. No word on a Twitter account; maybe it's more of a Tumblr kind of fetus. [People]

  • No (surgically-enhanced) leg to stand on news! Robert "Dr. 90210" Ray is complaining that Heidi Montag got a crazy amount of plastic surgery. His argument: "If you want to shave your chin a little bit, that's fine... but multiple operations on a girl who's already drop dead gorgeous ... what message are you sending to young girls?" Yeah, Heidi ,what kind of message are you sending to girls? The right message is that you should just "shave your chin a little bit"; but besides their hideous chins, all young women are beautiful just like God made them. [US Weekly]

  • Pot calling kettle black news! Johnny Weir and Evan Lysacek are at war because Evan Lysacek said Johnny Weir was a bad ice skater and implied he was too gay for the "family friendly" Stars on Ice. Then Johny Weir said "my claws are out" and called Evan Lysacek a "slore"—which People says is 'an apparent combination of "slut" and "whore"'—and also winked at Chelsea Handler in a way that suggested Evan was gay. [dlisted][PerezHilton][People]

  • Friend's sister news! Vinny Guadagnino has been spotted smooching with The Situation's sister, Melissa, at the Jersey Shore house in Miami. Quite a flip-flop from Vinny's previous declaration that "She is Mike without a six pack... I'm not that into it." [Radar]

  • Charlie Sheen news! Charlie Sheen is close to a plea deal. [TMZ]

  • Another E! star; another boob-related scandal news! Pretty Wild star Tess Taylor was caught doing bong rips while topless. Now eHarmony wants to take its advertising away from the show. Seems like topless bong-smoking girls might be the best advertisement for a service aimed at lonely single men, no? [TMZ]