Police commissioner Ray Kelly is handling a difficult party schedule, but has managed to find some time to perform his day job this week by shaking up the command structure of the NYPD in an effort to quell rising crime.

With murders up over 20% already this year, Kelly is shifting around 40 police commanders to different posts in the hopes of avoiding more Times Square flash mobs, murders, and firecracker-laden SUVs. One police source told the Post, "Varied experiences are expected as you go up the ranks." For instance, those lucky enough to reach the very top, like Ray Kelly has, can look forward to a life of hanging out with celebrities, and maybe even restaurant magnate Graydon Carter! After busting the bad guys first, of course. At one MoMa event, according to another Post story, man about town Ray Kelly "found himself sandwiched between Jennifer Lopez and Sharon Stone." Ugh.

But it's not all fun and games for the commish. Police spokesman Paul Browne said that Kelly's "ambitions haven't changed. He's focused on doing the best job possible as police commissioner." Keep it up, Mr. Kelly, the city is counting on you.

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