Today at Gawker.TV, The Simpsons begin their episode with Ke$ha, inside Paul Rudd's computer, Bret Michaels plays it dirty on Celebrity Apprentice, Aqua Teen's Master Shake reveals his true identity, and a look at Billy Joel's Last Play at Shea.

Tim and Eric Awesome Show Finale Peeks Into Paul Rudd's Computer
Celebrities are just like us! Tim and Eric go to great lengths to give us a look at what Paul Rudd probably does on his triple-monitor home computing center: He watches videos of himself dancing.

Last Play at Shea
IMDb describes Last Play at Shea as "chronicling the history of two New York icons and the journey that brought them together for the last musical performance at Shea Stadium." Anthony De Rosa was at the Tribeca Film Festival screening.

The Simpsons Do Ke$ha
What the more recent seasons of The Simpsons have lacked in terms of comedic creativity, they've made up for in wacky intros. Case in point: last night's opening, in which the entire Springfield gang performed Ke$ha's "TiK ToK."

Bret Michaels Plays Dirty on Celebrity Apprentice
Our heartfelt sympathies are still with Bret Michaels' family right now, but on last night's Celebrity Apprentice Bret proved he's a real fighter. How, you ask? By not being afraid of some slight cheating to help his team.

Aqua Teen's 100th Episode Reveals Master Shake's True Form
Dana Snyder made a meta appearance as himself on tonight's 100th episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Thought only to be the voice of the now almost 10 year old milkshake-with-the-heart-of-Don Rickles, Dana proved he was much much more.