Craigslist's second-most important role—after its role as a wholesale purveyor of used Ikea furniture—is its role as a purveyor of sex services, whether paid or just for "exposure." Why is Connecticut's attorney general hating the player (Craigslist)?

Rather, should he not hate the game (sexxx)? Upset at the fact that Craigslist will reportedly make $36 million from hooker ads this year, the NYT reports that Connecticut's top lawman has subpoenaed documents from the company, seeking "specific answers about steps to screen and stop sex-for-money offers."

Craiglist's CEO's response is essentially "Pshaw, allow me to remove this lap dancer I found on Craigslist from my lap in order to scoff at your assertions." Besides, the company already fixed this problem by moving all the sex ads to a new category, and taking a cut!

Craigslist has said it donated all revenues from its "erotic services" category to charity. But last year when it switched to its "adult services" category, it said it would make no representation about how such revenue would be used.

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