Nobody Knows Who Ke$ha's Dad Is, But It Might Be a Guy Called 'Pat the Rat'

She knew they were related when he called himself P@t the R@t. Sienna and Jude are officially back together. Sandra's baby sells more magazines than Angelina's. Tuesday gossip is symbolic.

  • The Genesis of Ke$ha was something like Julianne Moore's sex scene in The Big Lebowski, but—judging by the names of these men—in a dive bar: "My mom was involved in astrology and wanted me to be a Pisces, and she went through the necessary ways of having a child. And she didn't want a man telling her what and what not to do. I always kind of wondered—my mom talked about guys named Pat the Rat, or this guy Bob, or John." If you add an "um" here and there, the phrase "Pat the Rat, or this guy Bob, or John," sounds like a five-year-old telling a whopper about her flying cat, Butterscotch Bandit. Not that I don't believe the story—after all, her mom seemed pretty New Age-y in that one Simple Life clip. [RollingStone via Celebitchy, image via Getty]

  • Battle of the photogenic babies: Sandra Bullock's People cover with secretly adopted baby Louis was "a huge seller, but it hasn't yet replaced the biggest-selling baby exclusive ever," the Jolie-Pitt twin special of 2008, but it probably will once the final numbers are in later this week. All it took was a sordid sex scandal, a harem of tattooed ladies, and a cross-cultural single-mom adoption to unseat Brangelina. [NBN]

  • Speaking of Louis Bardo Bullock, comedian and longtime Bullock friend George Lopez is a "proud uncle" to Louis, and his wife "is a proud aunt." Aww. [NYDN]

  • If a couple falls in love with Hollywood, and they don't walk the red carpet as a couple to document it, were they ever really together? A reunited Sienna Miller and Jude Law (they broke up when he cheated with the nanny) walked the red carpet arm-in-arm for the Met's Costume Institute Gala last night, to save us all from this existential conundrum. She's 28 and he's 37; his oldest child is 13; word is they're buying a house together in north London. [DailyMail]

  • Page Six says Dina and Lindsay taped a Mother's Day episode for Entertainment Tonight for $10,000, but ET says, "We didn't pay her a dime." Dina explained that she was drunk and accidentally left her Lindsay prototype at a bar, which is where Lindsay went after her payday, too. [P6]

  • Last night David Boreanaz went public with an affair, because his mistress was blackmailing him. Word is that lawyer to the starfuckers Gloria Allred represented the blackmailer, and was the go-between for her six-figure hush money demand. How did a powerful feminist lawyer devolve into the protector of mistress blackmailers? It's the Gloria Allred Conundrum. [People, TMZ]

  • Cameron Diaz spent the night at A-Rod's, and before their sleepover they "dined... with their newly single friend Kate Winslet." Hmm. [P6]

  • James Franco's rep keeps stopping him from answering questions about his sexuality, but is he actually gay, or is he just one of those annoying straight men who think gay rumors make them extra-desirable? [NYDN]

  • Paris Hilton is working on a new book, Paris Hilton's Guide to Breaking Up. By which I mean, Paris Hilton's ghostwriter, Merle Ginsberg (herself reality TV fameball) is working on a book. [P6]

  • The President of the United States of America doesn't really care that the National Enquirer is out to prove he's cheating. "The president and first lady know it's all bullshit. They know they have a good marriage and fully understand that unfortunately these false stories go with the territory when you live in the White House." []