Remember the "Black Widow" who appeared on The Real World: DC and called Andrew Pandahat's girlfriend "ugly?" She's suing MTV for $5 million and accusing the producers of invading her privacy and inflicting emotional distress.

Golzar Amirmotazedi, whom the show identified only as "G," describes herself as a "22-year-old female makeup artist of slight build who does not frequently drink alcoholic beverages." You might remember her as the loopy goth chick in the March 10th episode The Real World: DC whom the castmates brought home while Andrew was playing wingman for Josh at a DuPont Circle restaurant.

According to her lawsuit, the cast members supplied "G" with "several mixed alcoholic drinks, as well as shots of tequila and Jaegermeister," invited her to the Real World house, and then kicked her out when she wouldn't have sex with "one of the male cast members."

"G" says the footage of her—which appeared on TV and in Real World clips at—represents her in a false light and has caused her extreme emotional distress and embarrassment. It's so bad, she says she can't sleep, is depressed, gets headaches, appetite loss, and weight loss.

She also says that as a result of the show, members of the general public have made additional negative comments" about her, including:

this chick is crazy
that girl is fucking craaazy
that black hair girl is just weird ... I like how [Ashley] told her that her makeup was mess up and then she started to freak out...
she has issues man, she just looks unstable...
that weird stalker chick of Andrews has some balls being around those 3 like that
Oh boy — she needs Xanax
this goth looking chick is a whore
Not exotic? That girl looks like a coke whore...
she's as awful as she sounds
she's the worst local representation of Washington

"The worst local representation of Washington" might be a little much (this is a town full of politicians, after all), but we'll let you decide. Golzar Amirmotazedi: weird goth stalker chick, or exploited make-up artist (of slight build)?

UPDATE: A spokeswoman for Bunim-Murray e-mailed to say: "While it is the policy of Bunim-Murray Productions not to comment on pending legal matters, the company would like to go on record to state that the claim filed by Golzar Amirmotazedi against Viacom, MTV and Bunim-Murray is totally without merit."

Amirmotazedi v. Viacom, et al.