Today at Gawker.TV, Bill Murray reads poetry to local construction workers, Stephen Colbert loves Times Square, Chuck channels 1979's Hart to Hart, and Kristin Davis is not a fan of the new Sex and the City 2 poster.

Kristin Davis Hates the New Sex and the City 2 Poster
Recently, a new poster for Sex and the City 2 was released. Immediately, the ridiculous amount of Photoshop in it was criticized. At last night's Met Gala, caught up with Kristin Davis and asked her opinion.

Bill Murray Reads Poetry to Construction Workers
How is it that Bill Murray just gets more and more awesome with age? He recently stopped by New York's Poets House and read poetry aloud to local construction workers.

Stephen Colbert Stands Up For Times SquareLast night Stephen Colbert pledged his allegiance from the giant Cup O Noodles to ESPN Zone, from Flash Dancers to the shop that sells anal beads. New York, New York—it's a helluva town.

Chuck's Opening Sequence Has a Hart to Hart
Chuck returned from a brief hiatus last night and delighted fans with a nod the 1979 series Hart to Hart. Now that Chuck and Sarah have officially gotten together, let's hope for more retro "a spy and his girl" introductions.

How I Met Your Mother: Robin's Out of the Group
When Robin's latest beau decides it's a little weird that his girlfriend constantly hangs out with two of her ex-boyfriends, both Ted and Barney decide they want her back. This leads them to behave poorly—and drunkenly.