Gawker Stalker at a Glance

Celebrities have descended on Central Park. In this weekend's #stalker sightings: Blythe Danner, Vince Vaughn, Amanda Peet. Elsewhere: Tinsley Mortimer, Owen Wilson, Mary-Louise Parker, Zach Braff, and Matthew Broderick.

  • Vince Vaughn and his new wife walking around Central Park.
  • Blythe Danner and granddaughter Apple Martin outside the Central Park Zoo.
  • Amanda Peet with her new baby walking past the Central Park Zoo.
  • Tinsley Mortimer roaming East 6th Street. "She looked adorable, though lost. Perhaps I should have offered some assistance..."
  • Owen Wilson having dinner in Santa Monica. "I had commented to my partner at Death at a Funeral how bloated he looked, it's worse in real life. What happened to him?"
  • Mary-Louise Parker, "looking adorable, walking with her even more adorable son" on MacDougal Street. "Carrying a blue balloon."
  • Zach Braff at the Union Square Greenmarket.
  • Matthew Broderick smoking outside 100 Sixth Avenue.

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[Photo via Getty Images]