Today we looked at yet another fag-hater who actually really likes fags. Sigh. We're a little tired and angry to be happy about this, but one commenter wasn't. Observe their righteous joy after the jump.

From NickelMD:

Oooh. OMG, this is the fucking best!

Rekkers isn't just anti-gay.... he's anti-trans.... he's a spokes-troll for NARTH and the American College of Pediatricians (an anti-gay hate group not to be confused with the real American Academy of Pediatrics.)

For those in the medical and mental health communities who are focused on LGBT issues (like yours truly), this is like Christmas, Halloween, your Birthday, and gay Prom all rolled into one. This guy is one of the top three 'scientific types' touted by NARTH, the ACP, etc as providing professional clinical support to the ex-gay/ex-trans movement. You never see his name without his affiliation to Univ of South Carolina and his PhD featured in bold highlighted font. Its the equivalent of Pat Robertson being outed (though that would explain that whole Rachel Maddow thing.)

I'm sooooooo loving this. I generally have some sympathy for closet cases.... but George, if you are reading this: Kiss my fat gay ass you sweaty closeted boil on the buttocks of academic medicine. I and all the kids whose lives you have ruined with your pseudo-scientific bullshit hope your career is ruined and you end up barely able to feed yourself much less hire twinks to 'carry your luggage' on EU vacations. Fuck you! (And not in the way you'd enjoy.)