Last week, Valerie finally discovers who she is married to, a Visitor, a lizard and a murderer. She didn't want to be around him anymore and for good reasons, he's a big fat liar.

Eric and her rage tag band of Resistance fighters captured the V sniper who was actually a human working for the Visitors. He was only doing it because the Visitors healed his paralyzed daughter. Hobbs convinced them one of his "friends" could make the sniper disappear into a jail somewhere far away but Hobbs had planned the whole time to kill him with a Heretic's Fork, a medieval torture device.

Anna sent out a "Soldier" to kill the doctor, Ryan, Valerie and their baby but of course it didn't succeed because Erica and Father Jack saved their butts. Valerie told Ryan to go fight for the Resistance and let her and the doctor go find safety. What was up with that bazooka scene coming up tonight? I hope that is exciting!

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