Could there be a more perfect fusion of violence and capitalism than the bejeweled, gold-encrusted, 31-weapon arsenal uncovered by the Mexican Attorney General's office in a raid this week? Also, could there be anything more tacky? Click for more pictures.

Oscar Nava Valencia—one of the leaders of the Milenio Cartel (he goes by "el Lobo")—is currently being held in Altiplano prison, but that hasn't stopped him from amassing a treasure trove of deeply ugly weaponry. Mexican police raided a cartel hideout on Monday, finding 38 guns—31 of which had been decorated in some way. Here's a list, translated from the Attorney General's press release:

  • An AR-15 long gun, .223 with a grenade launcher.
  • An MP-5 submachine gun, 9 mm.
  • Two AK-47 "goat horn" rifles, 7.62X39, one of them gold-plated with a silencer.
  • Two AR-15 rifles .223 caliber, silver and gold plated.
  • 31 handguns of various calibers, inlaid with diamonds, plated in gold and silver, and engraved "Lobo Valencia."
  • 706 cartridges of different calibers.
  • Magazines of 76 different calibers.
  • A bag containing 200 grams of marijuana.
  • A 2009 model Escalade vehicle.
  • Various jewelry.

According to the Guadalajara Reporter, authorities also found "a portrait of Valencia riding a black horse, wearing a cowboy shirt and white sombrero and gazing out toward the horizon."


[Guadalajara Reporter via Luxist; pics via the Attorney General of Mexico, AP]

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