I was used to this…incredibly rosy cheeked, I'm going to say man as one of the Buy More employees on Chuck that never uttered a single word.

This bespectacled bastard child of Harpo Marx and Raggedy Ann was a part of the fictional universe of the one program, and nothing more. A lucky extra really.

Then on Monday evening I was watching The United States of Tara, and who do I see, again without a speaking role?

Considering that the Buy More is in Burbank and the Gregsons call Kansas home, it'd be a bit of a stretch to assume this was a crossover. Okay fine, very lucky extra. Then the very next night, last night, on Glee…

Harpo was being accosted in the library by the Gleers that performed "Hammertime". Not only that, he represented the AV Club and turned on Rachel's video presentation.

Nobody can work a remote at that school? Good thing they hired him!

Luckiest extra ever. And also the most intriguing character currently on television. Why did he(?) move from Burbank and quit his job at the Buy More to enroll in an Ohio high school? And why does he/she/it travel to Kansas for tiny erotic fiction book signings on weekends? How did he convince his one friend to go with him? Is he a mute? Dumb? Have a name? Is "Stay tuned" too obvious of a way to end this?

UPDATE: Independent.ie picked up Jesse's story with a story titled, Hey, I Know That Guy.

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