Today we looked at how drug-happy Reed College might be prosecuted for student druggery. This led one commenter to reminisce about their own college druggy experiences. They had way more fun than nerdy theater kids, we can tell you that.

From AndPreciousLittleOfThat:


I somehow thought that this was a fairly normal part of the college experience. There was a similar day where I went, called "Dillo Day" where everybody saved up their drugs for a couple of weeks (or days, depending) and took 'em all on the same day.

Nothing quite like starting your day with a mushroom-laced breakfast shake. I can't account for a few hours here and there, but I do remember having a couple hits of acid after lunch, and I was somewhat surprised because absolutely *nothing* happened. Or rather, nothing else happened.

Needless to say, by eight o'clock that night the whole affair had devolved into a mess of public access television, Bjork albums, shitty weed and (regretfully) Tiger Balm.


Also, this is funny, from Yahweh Took My Prepuce:

Quick, someone flush Hampshire!