The company responsible for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill wants you to know that they're working very hard to fix it. They've capped one leak! And now they're towing a concrete "dome" to the site to contain the spill.

Yesterday we told you about even more bad news from the Gulf. Some people are coming up with all sorts of stupid ingenious ideas to stop the leak and spare the coastline; like throwing pillows on the beach and praying, or plugging the leak with "a really big cork." And it turns out that BP could be using a far better dispersant chemical than the one it is currently poisoning the Gulf with. But enough of all the negative talk, because BP maybe has the answer in its concrete and steel megadome, which is on the way! All they have to do is drop it over the leak and everything will be fine. So what are the odds of this actually working? According to Bob Fryer, a senior executive at BP: "This has never been done before. Typically you would put odds on something that has been done before." Well, okay then.

The AP found an expert from the University of Texas to talk about the BP Megadome. He says it won't take long to find out if it's a bust:

[Image via, YouTube]