Sometimes we believe that tabloid sex goddess Andrea Peyser writes her columns solely to "push our buttons," by focusing on the two topics we are most passionate about: 1) Hot sex, and 2) Wal-Mart. Andrea is in favor of both!

Wal-Mart wants to build a store in NYC. Andrea Peyser wants to help them do it. Her weapon: the power of metaphor.

The idea of allowing retail behemoth Wal-Mart into the borders of New York City is viewed as destructive. Akin to blending polyester into silken La Perla thongs...
The small store that "serves" the community is an urban myth, like snakes in a toilet...
The city has a wacky bug up its rump about development that helps the poor.

So, lefties: Take off those fancy thongs, sit on the toilet, and have no fear of a snake going up your rump, which is already full of wacky bugs.
Game. Sexxx. Match.