Bristol Palin Stayed Out All Night, Clubbing in New York

It's how she celebrated the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. Charlie Sheen's wife owns a sex swing. Kristen Stewart says she's not sulky. Meet LiLo's new best friend: Her 300-lb bodyguard. TGIFriday gossip.

  • To celebrate the National Day to Prevent Pregnancy, 19-year-old Bristol Palin went clubbing at 1Oak at 1 A.M.: "She looked like she was terrified that people would recognize her." Rightly so. I can't decide if I desire or fear Bristol and Sarah turning into the new LiLo and Dina. [Gatecrasher, pic from one of Bristol's abstinence events via Getty]

  • Speaking of Lindsay, meet her new best friend: a "6-foot, 300-pound bouncer in a T-shirt that read, 'Big Monster.'"' Apparently he follows her everywhere she goes, in the manner of a bodyguard. Big Monster came to Katy Perry's birthday party with LiLo, as did Dina, who is—in the parlance of LiLo vehicle of yore Mean Girls—a Cool Mom. ("Cool" is ironic.) Also present: Rachel Uchitel. Did she get invited to these events before Tiger? Or is some party planner like, "Gosh, we need to fill out this invite list. How about that lady who fucked Tiger Woods? No, not the one who does porn. The one from the rich family. She'll be great for the mix." [P6]

  • Heidi Montag's mother is facing foreclosure on her home. "If that's true... that is the best news I've heard all day long," says model son-in-law Spencer Pratt. [TMZ]

  • Charlie Sheen's estranged wife Brooke Mueller moved into her new home, and the paparazzi saw a box that said Fantasy Door Swing. A sex swing! Someone should tell sex swing sellers to stop writing that on the outside of their boxes. [Radar]

  • Taylor Swift donated $500,000 to Nashville flood relief. Good for her. [AP]

  • Kristen Stewart isn't sulky, she's just sensitive: "It's not that I'm miserable, it's just that somebody's yelling at me... I literally, sometimes, have to keep myself from crying." She continues, "I hate it when they say I don't have a shit, because nobody cares ore than I do." Hmm maybe we've misdiagnosed Sulky Stewart's problem, and she is actually Cripplingly Insecure Stewart. Don't feel bad, Kristen! Everyone hates themselves in Hollywood. [NYDN]

  • Pink has been "really mean" to motocross star husband Carey Hart. "Carey sat me down one day when we were fighting and said, 'Baby, when you call me names, it hurts my feelings. Please stop.'" Revealing that to national audiences would be the meanest thing of all, except that everyone knows theirs is a sham marriage and never talk to each other, anyway. [People]

  • Yesterday, we looked at Kendra Wilkinson's sex tape PR gambit. Today, we discover she actually tried to sell the sex tape herself, plus a bunch of others, because she has multiple sex tapes. I mean, duh. But it's nice to have vindication. [Radar]

  • Barbara Walters strong-armed Elisabeth Hasselbeck's apology to Erin Andrews (Elisabeth made fun of the creepy peephole stalker thing) and now Elisabeth is weeping on Sarah Palin's shoulder. "Elizabeth and Sarah have remained close friends after the election," said an insider so close he can't spell Elisabeth's name. "She has reached out to her friends. She needs all the support she can get right now." This story is somewhat unbelievable, but then, Palin has a poor sense of personal boundaries and a weird set of friends, so who knows. First person to say Palin-Hasselbeck 2012 gets shot. [NBN]

  • Remember when everyone thought Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez? Turns out they just happened to be at a Tribeca Film Festival swag room at the same time, "So they took all these pictures of us... kind of doing what we were supposed to do, so it looked like we were awfully close.... She's a great girl, but I mean, she could probably do much better than me." Love in the time of paid appearances: Swag conquers all. [P6]

  • Justin Bieber is recording his next album in New York. We know this because he's so young, he needs a judge's permission to sign the contract. [P6]