Mavericky ex-Gov. Sarah Palin attended the Time 100 gala earlier this week—thrown by the mainstream media—and tried to justify her bizarre views on the press. She did so in a forthright and, well, utterly confusing and garbled way.

Via Jacob Weisberg at Slate, and titled Palinisms, here are her two bold statements:

One thing we can all agree on, though, is how much we respect and want to protect the freedom of the press and we have that in common, so at the end of the day, I think as long as we're protecting that and not abusing the right-we have to be writing truth-then we'll get along just fine tonight.

I want to make a toast to all at this press event who agree with Thomas Jefferson, who said that our liberty depends on the freedom of the press. So I want to lift a glass to those who defend that freedom. Our finest, the men and women in uniform who defend that freedom, our Constitution, and our exceptional way of life in America.

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