Lady Gaga's Missing Million-Dollar Panties

Gaga lost a British lingerie company's "prototype" underwear; Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are a sexual dyad; Bombshell says she banged tiger; Gabourey Sidibe was mean. Saturday's Gossip Roundup is a containment dome lowered over a pipe leaking gossip.

  • Fancy British lingerie store Rigby and Peller's say they loaned seven sets of handmade underwear (or, for Gaga, outerwear) to Lady Gaga for her to prance around in while filming her new video. Three of them made it back to the store in time for its big yearly showcase, but four of them are still apparently in the giant glass clam-shell or whatever that Gaga uses to store her million outfits. Come on, Gaga: Cough up the underwear. You can wear slabs of steak across your breasts or something. It will be symbolic. [DailyMail]

  • Bombshell McGee will neither confirm nor deny that she slept with Tiger Woods. Would be a good way to dispel those white supremacist rumors, though. [TMZ]

  • So, Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are totally dating. Apparently, before their appearance, their people confirmed to Oprah that the two were a couple just like in the movies—on the condition that she didn't press them too hard about the issue on her show. You know what this means? Robert Pattinson is also a vampire! [E!]

  • Lindsay Lohan said she can party if she wants to because she's 23 and "I'm allowed to do that." She said she was photographed falling in the street because she's "clumsy." So clumsy that when she tries to eat an apple she accidentally eats drugs. [Entertainment Tonight]

  • Vanessa Carlton—who had that song "1,000 miles" where she played a piano on a truck in the video—got bitten by a pitt bull in Pennsylvania. She got five puncture wounds, but is OK. Thank God this didn't happen when she was actually famous [E!]

  • Speaking of female pop stars who are no longer that popular: Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner got matching "FUCK" tattoos. ON THEIR FOREHEADS. No, on their ribs. But wouldn't that be crazy? [Radar]

  • Gabourey Sidibe: totally mean! This according to a bunch of political journalists who tried to chat her up at the White House Correspondents Dinner last weekend. The Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart said that when he interrupted her conversation to tell her how much he liked her in the movie she was in, she shouted "Yeah, come back in five minutes." And then she only let a Politico reporter ask her one question; and she gave a one-word answer. Their problem was probably asking her about her stance on financial reform legislation? [HuffPo]

  • Brett Michaels' girlfriend said that his brain hemorrhage brought them closer together. So, that's one way to solve your relationship problems. Sounds less painful than talking about your feelings, actually. [People]

  • BREAKING: Jessica Simpson brushed her teeth. [TMZ]

  • ALSO BREAKING: Glee star Matthew Morrison "Doesn't Get" Justin Bieber. (Here, Morrison, read our guide for old people like you.)