The Venezuelan leader, or @chavezcandanga, signed up to Twitter two weeks ago, calling the service "a weapon that also needs to be used by the revolution." He already has more than 240,000 followers. And now he has Tweetstaff.

Chavez, who also hosts his own rambling TV talk show, joined Twitter on April 27. "Some criticize me, others insult me. I don't care," the Associated Press report him saying. "It's a form of contact with the world."

He has apparently received more than 50,000 messages. And does not seem to realize that he doesn't have to respond every time someone sends him a Justin Bieber video or the trailer for Babies. "I'm creating a team," he said (while probably trying to figure out what #FF means) "due to the avalanche of requests, and some grievances."

You didn't need 200 staff Hugo, you just needed #shutuphataz.