Cops in Seattle have completed an unfortunate trifecta: They stopped the wrong guys; they were racist about it; and they stomped on one of the guys. Then they helped him get up. Watch the video shot by a freelance videographer.

In this report from Seattle's KIROTV, the cops are responding to reports of a robbery in the parking lot of a nearby night club. The suspects were Latino, so, apparently, the cops drove around looking for random Latinos and found a couple then made them go on the ground. "I'm going to beat the fucking Mexican piss out of you," said the most enthusiastic cop. And he did it, kicking the guy in the head and stomping on his hand. Then another cop stomps on his leg because, hey, if you're going to stomp some Mexicans you might as well really stomp. Then you see their half-hearted attempt to help the guy after kicking him the head. The self-serving compassion of a bully who realizes his victim might tell on him to the principal.

The officer, Shandy Cobane, has been put on administrative leave pending an investigation. On Friday, he apologized to the Latino community for not looking around to make sure no video cameras were rolling before beating up a Latino:

"I know my words cut deep and were very hurtful," Cobane said. "Please know that I am truly, truly sorry."

Of course, his would never happen under Arizona's new immigration law. Cops there would never beat up a Mexican without asking for his papers first.