Why can't everyone just be nice? Three men in New Mexico are facing hate charges for bundling a mentally challenged 22-year-old into a car, and then branding a swastika into his arm with a bent and heated wire coathanger.

According to the AP, Jesse Sanford, William Hatch and Paul Beebe, all in their 20s, were charged with "kidnapping, aggravated battery and other felonies," for snatching a guy they found on a Navajo Indian reservation and driving him to an apartment to abuse him.

Police say the trio also shaved a swastika into the man's hair and drew degrading words and pictures on his body with permanent marker.

The local paper, the Farmington Daily Times, adds this:

The words White Power were written on the back of the victim's neck and two horns were drawn with red marker on the victim's face above his eyebrows, in addition to other derogatory words and pictures, according to court records.

We are now officially calling this the spring of hatred. Admittedly, judging by the map above, there's not a lot to do in Farmington. But is it that difficult to refrain from branding the mentally challenged? Or, elsewhere, insulting people because of their cancer? Must the cops in Seattle racially abuse and stomp people of Mexican origin?