Hello. I'm Max Read and I am going to be hanging out here for a while blogging about things, at night.

I am from New Jersey and I went to college in Los Angeles. Now I live in New York. I have written some things for the Daily Beast and Time Out New York and Anthem Magazine. I have a Twitter but I don't "Tweet" much because it makes me feel uncomfortable. I have a Tumblr too. I use it to post pictures of stupid Huffington Post headlines. You can also email me! I have an email address. It's at the bottom of this post.

I am always open to suggestions and tips! I would rather not be sent mean emails, but I understand that comes with the territory. If you have an awesome idea for how to make nights at Gawker even more radical than they already are, let me know.

As a gift, please enjoy Greek prog rocker Demis Roussos (former bandmate of Vangelis) and his song "Midnight Is the Time I Need You":

(Those of you who read Jim Dolan's Dick: the Blog (co-authored by internet legend Foster Kamer) may be under the impression that I am the poster known as "Glen Runciter." In fact, as Foster too-well knows, "Glen Runciter" was Barack Obama.)