Betty White kills the ratings on SNL over the weekend, Mia Michaels replaces Mary Murphy on SYTYCD, and the cast of Gossip Girl heads to Paris.

In TV News...

  • Betty White's SNL episode garners the show it's highest ratings in 18 months. Last time they were this high was when John McCain was on, proving that the secret to SNL's continued success rests in the hands of the octogenarian set. [THR]
  • Having conquered the Nielsen ratings, Betty White proved she parties harder than anyone could have expected at the SNL after-party. [Crushable]
  • Lena Horne—music, TV and film star—dies at the age of 92. []
  • NBC President tells The Hollywood Reporter about the network's plans to get out of 4th place. [THR]
  • Here are all the new details surrounding the two-episode story arc that will take Gossip Girl out of the Upper East Side and onto the streets of Paris. [Vulture]
  • Barbara Walters announced on The View this morning that she will be undergoing heart surgery over the show's summer hiatus and will be in recovery for about one to three months. [LA Times]
  • Mary Murphy rides the Hot Tamale train away from the So You Think You Can Dance judging table. Fan favorite Mia Michaels will replace her, though. So, yay? [PopWatch]
  • Jill Zarin apologizes for leaking Bethenny's baby news and for calling her daughter a son. See, Heidi? At least someone on reality television can admit to knowing what she did. [PopEater]

Around the Web...

  • Today's Great Twitter-Follower Blackout brings about the end of Ashton Kutcher's reign as king of the Twitter-verse for at least one fleeting moment. [Tumblr]
  • Hugo Chavez employs 200 people to help run his Twitter feed. Guess it really does take a village. [Huffington Post]
  • You are not alone. Here is a video of Andy Rooney talking about how he doesn't understand what a Justin Bieber is. [YouTube via CBS]
  • Some people will upload videos of anything, including kids eating poop. [Urlesque]
  • Courtney Love celebrates Mother's Day the only way she knows how: as an internet meme. [The AWL]
  • ABC decides to throw a bone to soap opera fans everywhere by offering up character crossovers in a series of new webisodes. Now we wait to see how many years it takes for Susan Lucci to get her Webby. [PopWatch]