Speculation about the relationship between Morning Joe's co-anchors is practically as old as the show itself, stoked by the pair's over-the-top on-air camaraderie. So give the New York Times magazine credit for whipping up some fresh innuendo about the pair.

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski got an overwhelmingly friendly write-up on Sunday. Of course, Hendrik Hertzberg of the New Yorker was quoted saying "they're brother and sister, with a little incestuous edge," while the Times itself said Brzezinski's father treats Scarborough like "an undesired son-in-law," something that has been noticed elsewhere. And author Nora Ephron is quoted saying the pair are something out of a "romantic comedy."

But then, if the hosts minded that sort of banter, Brzezinski wouldn't have told the Times the pair's link "could be any type of relationship—sibling, husband, wife, father, daughter—we're a little bit of everything." Just enough of 'everything' to keep people talking, that is. Or maybe more. If we knew that would kind of take the fun out of everything. At least on Joe and Mika's end.

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