What is the loneliest place in the world to be a Jew? A KKK rally? The NFL? Nebraska? Nope! Afghanistan is the loneliest place for a Jew, because there is only one left: Former carpet salesman Zablon Simintov.

If you're a Jew in Kabul looking to attend services, your options are kind of limited: There's only one synagogue. But if you're a Jew in Kabul, you knew that, because you are Zablon Simintov, the last Jew in Afghanistan. Simintov lives in Kabul, where he runs the only synagogue and supports Afghanistan's Chinese restaurant industry single-handedly. His family is in Israel, but he refuses to leave, for some reason. "I don't know why I'm still living here," he says. "It's God's will."

It seems worth pointing out that there are probably a few hundred Jews who are literally in Afghanistan right now—journalists, soldiers, and aid workers, for example. But there is only one who is from Afghanistan. And he seems like a nice guy! Can't we pool our money and send him some Russ & Daughters or something?