Faisal Shahzad, the Times Square car bomber, has been, by all accounts, spilling his guts to interrogators. Nevertheless, the fact that he was read his rights has outraged Republicans, who hate rights. And Obama may be amenable to their complaints.

A couple of days ago, the attorney general called for a "broad new exception" to the Miranda rule in the case of terrorism suspects, in order to give interrogators more latitude to fuck with them before they know they have any "rights," which are un-American. And now Obama, the Constitutional scholar, is indicating through his political adviser that he's open to the change:

"There may be some things that have to be done," Mr. Axelrod said. "Certainly we're willing to talk to Congress about that. But they would be in the area of adjustments, not a wholesale revision."

Because the way to prove terrorists wrong is to stoop to their level. That was Bush's doctrine, and it worked out swimmingly. Faisal Shahzad, you just keep on winning!
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