Last week on V The Resistance destroyed a Visitor transport ship that was suppose to contain V Trackers. It was really a trap set by Anna to blame The Fifth Column for destroying a ship full of humans.

We still don't know which side Chad is on since he has been telling Anna the Resistance's plans. All we know is that he can't be trusted. In other news, Lisa has emotions for Tyler and they have grown close so she doesn't want him living on the ship so Anna can do experiments on him. She essentially breaks up with him leaving Tyler's mom to pick up the pieces. Anna finds out and elbows Lisa in the face and tells her guards to break her legs.

This week Lisa is turned into bait for Tyler so Anna can have him "save" her from the Fifth Column, who she blames for Lisa's injuries. Anna is slowly turning him even more against his mother and essentially the Fifth Column and Resistance.

The show airs tonight at 10pm EST on ABC.

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