Apple CEO Steve Jobs is "coping well with his health issues" and working full tilt, but he's struggling to put on weight, say associates. That sounds about right : It takes a vigorous man to piss this many people off.

Jobs seems to be "fully operational," as Bloomberg puts it; the Apple CEO has overseen the launch of the iPad, the debut of an online advertising business and the opening of an electronic bookstore. He's also, most nobly, pushed to reform California's organ-donor system. But the clearest sign of Jobs' renewed vim is in all the fights he's started: Jobs is at war with Google over mobile phones; with Adobe over the Flash programming environment; with cartoonists and authors and publishers over iPad app content and—full disclosure!—with Gawker Media over that iPhone prototype Gizmodo wrote about.

Maybe all the beefing is just the price of success: As Bloomberg points out, Apple is well-positioned to surpass Microsoft in market capitalization. The company's shares make it worth $235 billion, vs. $256 billion for Microsoft. Meanwhile, it's stock has been outpacing Microsoft quite a bit in recent months: