Ever want to see the Aqua Teens in person? Well you still can. Tonight at the Nokia Theater in Times Square Gawker.TV will be on hand to enjoy the official variety show starring Dave Willis, Dana Snyder, and puppets.

As the longest running segment on the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim lineup, and the longest continuously running original program on the same station, Aqua Teen Hunger Force has a cult following strong enough to get a feature film into theaters, while remaining underground enough to launch a marketing campaign that a ton of stuffy Bostonians thought was a terrorist plot to bomb Ivy Leaguers. It's great on TV, so in the flesh / aided by puppetry it should be fantastic.

This live tour is wrapping up, but you can still catch the tail end if your willing to make it to one of these venues:
TUE 5/11/10 New York, NY @ Nokia Theater
THU 5/13/10 Falls Church, VA @ State Theater
FRI 5/14/10 Charlotte, NC @ Amos Center
SAT 5/15/10 Atlanta, GA @ Center Stage

To get your tickets or more information on the live show go to http://www.athflive.com

And just because, here's a clip from one of our favorite episodes featuring Meatwad, Master Shake, and a hard-luck figurine that sounds a whole lot like David Cross

[via Adult Swim's YouTube Channel]