The swoop-topped popster continues to hasten his young fans' descent into teenage disillusionment. He recently popped up at Six Flags Magic Mountain, not to surprise his fans, but to cut them in the roller coaster line and snub them.

A Los Angeles Times correspondent was recently enjoying a day at the amusement park when all of a sudden there arose such a clatter. Justin Bieber had suddenly appeared with a posse of friends — Frankie Avalon, Leif Garrett, the lost ghost of Jack Fawcett — and cut the line at the big Tatsu roller coaster, making everyone wait while the rest of the cars rode empty, then disappeared without so much as a wave. What had begun as giddy excitement over an elusive Bieber sighting quickly turned to adolescent woe:

"Justin Bieber!" she shrieked. Her friends' ears perked up like wolves. They joined in on the railing and the scream fest. In unison, they reached into their handbags for digital cameras.

Bieber and a few friends filed through an alternate route into the loading area. Workers ushered them to the front of the ride, harnessed them into their spots and latched the nearly two dozen remaining seats. The adjacent cart stayed stagnant until Bieber's rode around the tracks and returned.

My ears practically ringing from the constant pleas for the pop star's attention from kids nearby, Bieber and his buds calmly filtered out the way they had come. Meanwhile, the fans' cheers took a nosedive as many had realized that they had just been dusted off as second-class citizens so the boy wonder and his entourage could get the star treatment.

Oh, terrible. Just terrible. Never meet your idols, kids. And never get cruelly and dismissively cut in a Six Flags line by your idols either, I guess.

[LAT, Image via Splash]