Guess what, tweens! Justin Bieber (and his enviable hairdo) was on Oprah today. There was screaming, sobbing—even some singing! Obviously, it was all ridiculous. Just how ridiculous, you ask? Inside, we break down the show's best (worst?) moments.

1) In the introduction to Bieber's segment, statements from LA Reid that compared the teen sensation to The Beatles, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley

2) Oprah's "COME ON OUT, JUSTIN BIEBERRRRRRR!" introduction/eardrum-killing screams from hundreds of preteen girls

3) Bieber's take on the legions of fans who will risk their lives to get a glimpse of him

4) A take on "Bieber Mania" and "Bieber Fever," courtesy Jordan, Oprah's handpicked, 10-year-old, totally-unqualified-yet-apparent successor

5) Hard-hitting questions from Jordan for Bieber, which ended with Bieber hitting on her

6) Bieber drum solo!

That's a wrap, folks.

[The Oprah Winfrey Show]