Ugh, Jamie Foxx. Ugh. He's just so... UGH. Anyway! Foxx was on American Idol tonight as this week's mentor, and he made sure to bring his smug asshattery with him. Inside, video of Foxx playing God and making everyone uncomfortable.

So, after the requisite, masturbatory introduction, Foxx hammed it up with Ryan Seacrest and revealed that it was He who would decide whether the contestants were simply that, or if they were ~artists~. Barf.

Then, Foxx did everything he could to make the contestants/artists uncomfortable. Case in point: his creepy interactions (remember, he's supposed to be mentoring these poor souls) with Lee Dewyze and Casey James, respectively.

What's next? Oh! Foxx also managed to insult Michael "Big Mike" Lynche by refusing to give him the "Arist" shirt. And while I can't help but agree with Foxx in this case, it was still a pretty low blow.

Finally, Seacrest took a few seconds at the conclusion of the broadcast to get Foxx's thoughts on the hour that had just transpired, and—naturally—he kept up the smugness to the bitter end.


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