Brothers Jacob and ...uhhhh... yeah, we're definitely still calling him The Man in Black got their own full flashback episode last night. It seems Jacob isn't quite as cool as you might have thought, while the MiB? Still a badass.

There was a time, seasons ago, when Jacob was this all powerful, unseen leader of The Others, while the smoke monster was this black cloud of smoke that would either kill people or wouldn't. The final season has given LOST fans a lot more to think over when it comes to these two, and last night's episode answered a lot of those questions that dealt with the essence of the two most influential brothers residing on the island.

First let's take a look at the birth. Watch for the adorable babies, stay for the island sacrifice!

Now when these guys were children, it seems they were privy to certain information. Now let's examine how each of the brothers dealt with that information:

So Man in Black finds out his mother was killed by this crazy lady that's been raising both him and his brother, and runs off to join his people. Jacob sits around with the woman whining about why the crazy woman loves Man in Black more than she loves him. I think this one goes to team smoke monster. Let's see what happens once the boys age a bit:

Yikes! Let's see, who is more vindicated. The guy that kills the woman that killed his mother and his entire society of peers, or the guy who knows he can't kill his brother, but figures by throwing him into the light a plight worse than death awaits him?

Consensus? Jacob's a dick, the smoke monster is pissed, and everybody that keeps showing up on this freaking island is involved in some really deep, involved, ancient form of Pick Up Sticks... and as last night turned into this morning, Jimmy Kimmel suggested maybe the LOST promotion strategists try a little harder to market all the game playing that has been done on the show: