We're trying out something new tonight—live-blogging NBC's comedy lineup. Rob Lowe starts his role on Parks and Rec! Senor Chang gets fired on Community! And inspired by Floyd's wedding, Liz Lemon revisits all of her ex-boyfriends. Join us!

Señor Chang is replaced by the school when it turns out that he doesn't have a teaching degree.

Parks and Recreation
State auditors Rob Lowe and Adam Scott show up and slash the budget.

The Office
Jim and Pam are getting no sleep, meanwhile Dwight renegs on his contract with Angela inciting her wrath.

30 Rock
Liz copes with Floyd's wedding by revisiting her old boyfriends. Jon Hamm, Dean Winters, Jason Sudeikis and Michael Sheen appear.

These shows air tonight starting at 8pm EST on NBC.

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