Despite the annoying "Betty White to Host..." Facebook groups following her SNL appearance, overkill is a word that shan't apply to her. Tonight, White chatted it up with Jay Leno about Jay-Z's inappropriate touching, SNL, Liberace and more. Videos inside.

White's Tonight Show appearance began with a standing ovation from the audience, a self-deprecating joke about how "sick of her" we all should be, and talk about the behind the scenes goings-on from her stint as SNL host.

Afterward, Leno asked White about a rumor that Jay-Z had gotten "fresh" with her—she had a different word to describe the incident.


Hey, what about that wrap party? You know, the one White stayed out at until 3:00 AM? And what say White about the possibility of hosting SNL for a second time? She had answers!

And finally, did you know that White was Liberace's BFF? In one of the sweeter moments from her segment, White explained how the two became friends and shared an anecdote about one of their many nights out.


[The Tonight Show with Jay Leno]