It's not just fear of them being teased that should deter you from giving your child a trendy name. You, as a parent, might live to regret it. Well, one and five of you anyway, according to a British study.

Yes, 3,000 parents in the UK were surveyed and a depressing 20% of them said that they regret naming their kid Chyler or Cole or Riley or Brooklyn or whatever the fuck idiot names people are naming their kids these days. From the Daily News:

Many of the 3,000 parents surveyed said they wish they'd picked a less popular name, while one in 10 say they chose a quirky moniker only to have the novelty quickly wear off.

What do you think this means for the parents in the States who are naming their kids after Twilight characters? Not good things, probably!

The problem is, judging from last year's most popular baby names, there are gonna be a lotttta unhappy parents and miserable kids in a few years. What with all the Jaydens and Madisons in the Top 10. At least Miley dropped a bunch of places on the list this year. Nothing says "I'm going to be a really frustrating teenager" quite like a baby named Miley.

How about you, blog-reading parents? Do you regret your little Rocco's name? Do you wish you'd come up with a more conventional name than Audio Science?