Welcome to the second installment of Gawker Media's super-spectacular Spring Guide. Watch It!, the guide to sitting on your ass this spring, is filled with tearful goodbyes, vampires, and indoor/outdoor activities filmic and television-y.

Not Your Grandma's Movie Screenings. OK, Fine. Your Grandma's Movie Screenings

As the days get longer and the nights get warmer, who wants to spend their free evenings trapped in a claustrophobic Cineplex? Fortunately for movie lovers who also love to breathe, springtime offers tons of alternatives to the stale-popcorn-stank-infested stadium-seating theaters we have grown so accustomed to.

Rooftop Films
After 14 years in operation Rooftop Films has become a New York City warm-weather staple. Starting on May 14 and running through September, barely an evening will pass without a different "underground movie outdoors" screening in various locations around the city. Shows cost $10 and often feature a live band and an open bar after-party. Not in NYC? We're sorry! All you need to start your own screening series is roof access, a projector, a blank wall and a beach blanket (a case of beer is optional, but suggested.)

Drive-Ins and a Movie Motel

Ever wonder how you were conceived? Well if you're parents were cast members of Happy Days, there is a good chance it happened in the back seat of a busted Chevy at the local drive-in. While these relics are quickly going the way of the dinosaurs, there are a surprising number still in operation across the country.

Detroit, MI
The Ford Wyoming is the world's largest drive-in, with eight screens showing films year-round. If you can get over the feeling of being in Sarajevo, what's more American then a drive-in in Detroit? [Map]

Wellfleet, MA
Massholes: Take a frickin' break from six-pahkin' in the woods and head down the Cape for a movie night unda the stahs at the Wellfleet Drive-In Theater. Enjoy first-run double features every night starting May 23 at the only drive-in on Cape Cod. There's a playground and snack bar too! And take note: The use of car horns and laser pointers is prohibited—no matter how long Smitty takes at the snahck bah. [Map]

Monte Vista, CO
Want to see a movie on a big screen, but balk at the idea of rising from sleep, dressing, and venturing outside? No, we're not talking about Netflix. We're talking about the Best Western Movie Manor Motor Inn in Monte Vista, CO, where the rooms face a giant outdoor movie screen and sound is piped into each one for maximum viewing pleasure. Long live laziness. [Map]

Click here to find a drive-in in your state.

Old Hollywood Glamour
If the drive-in doesn't satiate your desire for a good old-fashioned movie experience, you can try setting your time machine even farther back with LA's Last Remaining Seats Festival. From May 26-June 30, historic theaters throughout the city will be hosting screenings of classic films from the early days of Tinseltown. Each screening is hosted by a film critic/historian and accompanied by a live organist—not bad for the $20 admission price.

Click here for some fun film/TV stuff.

Film & TV I.R.L.

If you're one of those people who are reluctant to go on summer vay-cay because you're afraid that you'll miss your friends inside the tee-vee, well then, we feel very sorry for you. 'Tis the season to get up off your ass and get into the sunshine, but that doesn't mean you have to leave your screen world at home. Below we have compiled some of the best ways to experience your favorite TV shows off the tube and in actual, living, breathing 3-D.

Join Team Coco
Conan O'Brien isn't headed back to late night TV until this November, but in the meantime he is hosting a little live show called The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour to keep his ego boosted and the bill collectors at bay. With 16 cities to go, Coco has been whirlwinding across the country and refuses to stop until June 14, where he will perform final show in Atlanta, GA. Tickets ranging from $40-80 are on sale now.

Sex in the City 2 Parties

The Sex and the City franchise was built on the backs of ladies who like to play fancy-dress-up and drink pink cocktails at parties. So nothing seems more natural then to host a party in celebration of the Sex in the City 2 theatrical release on May 27. This "World of Arabia"-themed soiree is happening in Chicago, but if you can't make it there, you can always grab a gaggle of giggling girls and host your own hyper-active, high heeled, Patricia Field-worshipping extravaganza. [Map]

The Wire Walking Tour
Ever glimpse a familiar street corner while watching one of your favorite shows? You cock your head, stare at the screen and say "Heeeeeeeey, I know that sketchy block!" Well, if you've been living in Baltimore for the past few years, this scenario has become pretty familiar. Dangerous city streets, while still dangerous, are suddenly much more accessible due to the cultural and media institution that is/was HBO's The Wire. While we aren't exactly going to endorse heading blindly onto the mean streets of Charm City, we kind of are, because haven't you always wanted to see the site where Stringer Bell was shot?

Fine, Stay Inside

If springtime bug bites and sunburns have you wishing you had some where cool, dark and enclosed to retreat to, you're in luck—spring is the season of tearful television finales and of blockbuster sporting events. And there are some doozies on this year's schedule.

Go Ahead, Cry Your Eyes Out
Pssssst! Have you heard? Some show on ABC called Lost, the most under-rated and under-publicized program on TV, is about to die a quiet death. Poor lil'-series-that-could—utter obscurity must be really hard. If you haven't tuned in yet, May 23 is your last chance ever to have your mind boggled by the Smoke Monster. If time-traveling island magic isn't your cup of tea, maybe you'd be more turned on by some serious Keifer Sutherland face-punching. Tune in to FOX on May 24 (tricky!) for em>24's series finale, but we can't guarantee that it will be the absolute last time we'll ever see Keif punch anything.

Vampire Opening Weekends

Guess we missed the memo, but it turns out that spring is vampire season. We really had them pegged for more wintery types. Huh. Anyway, June 13 marks the season premiere of HBO'sTrue Blood. And though it may feel like mere minutes since New Moon opened, everybody's favorite sparkle monster (aka Edward Cullen, aka RPattz) is up to his old tricks accompanied by a wily gang of lovable misfits and writhing young girls in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. In theaters June 30—why not camp out in line the night before for some extra springtime fun?

Come On, Ol' Sport
Shorts, tank-tops and bouncing balls. With the warm weather comes a myriad of sporting events. And what better way to celebrate a field full of sweaty men then in a bar full of sweaty men? The race for the NBA Championship is happening now, so pull up a barstool and pick a team. Or if you like your players a little more swarthily international, start getting amped for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. This year's tournament starts on June 11 in South Africa. There are riotous events happening all over the place.

Featured Watering Hole: Mulholland's, Brooklyn, NY
Mulholland's claims to be Williamsburg's only sports bar. We like 'em because of the strict "No whining about the obnoxious strippers next you" policy that they helpfully outline on their website.

Featured Watering Hole: Mad Dog In the Fog, San Francisco, CA

Mad Dog In the Fog is a dark, dank, and festive Lower Haight sports pub known for killer quiz nights and rabid footballers alike. Pound a few Boddys and cheer for the home team. Smoke breaks out back.

Featured Watering Hole: O'Neal's Pub, Philadelphia, PA
If O'Neal's 25-cent wings and $3 Guinesses don't make you drop what you are doing and hop the next Bolt Bus to Philly, then maybe the fact that they are showing every World Cup 2010 game will.

Find your World Cup Watering Hole here.

There you have it. Or, you can just go outside and make your own movie or kick a ball around. The TV will still be there when you get back.

Tune in next Thursday for the next installment of the Gawker Media Spring Guide!

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